Our specialist consultants have all come from the world of retail where they held top management positions in national or international businesses.

They have perfect knowledge of retail careers, fully understand the business environment and are experienced in all the shop-based and network processes. Today they provide indispensable advice to many household names as well as small and medium-sized businesses across all distribution channels: F&B Distribution (Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants… OOH ‘Out-of-home’), Selective Distribution, Luxury Goods Distribution, Food Distribution, Specialist Distribution, Hyper and Supermarket Distribution, e-Commerce, e-Business, Wholesale. They are on-hand to support you in two main areas:


  • Retail: Operations Director, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Sales Manager, Business Manager, Boutique Manager, Concession Manager, Wholesale Manager, Export Manager etc.
  • Marketing and Merchandising: Merchandising Manager, Visual Merchandising Manager, Marketing Operations Manager, Project Manager, Visual Identity Manager etc.


  • Business organisation and restructuring: Adapting the business organisation, establishing a project culture at both director level and amongst the operational teams, creating a company vision etc.
  • Support: refocusing the team, team member performance assessment and measurement, supporting middle management etc.
  • Tailor-made training programmes: sales advisory, selling techniques, sales profiling, the changing face of clients, the essential qualities of sales advisors, sales support and sales demonstration, performance management etc.

The Retail Division