Our specialist domain

Business and sales development

We act as a veritable outsourced Sales Management Department. We deal with preliminary stages (sales strategy, recruitment) as well as providing support for other subsequent stages (setting up actions plans, CRM project management, pay structure, training programmes, incentive programmes).
When we set our fees, we always include a variable element that is performance-related.

We deal exclusively with business and sales development.

We specialise in 4 key areas:

Business strategy

Potential Analysis
Business plan
Market Action Plan
Definition of key objectives and business action plans

Sales organisation

Recruitment plan
Onboarding of sales personnel
Search for partners and/or distributors

Motivating the sales teams

Financial reward schemes
Seminars and incentives
Team Building

Driving the business

Definition of performance indicators
Implementation of CRM tools
Behavioural Analysis Disc
Individual effectiveness

Consulting and Business Development