As clients and consumers, we live in a world where we have diverse expectations, we are overinformed and demanding.  As businesses, we are working in highly competitive environments, dealing with international trade, the digital revolution, new technologies, legislation, as well as having to consider and incorporate sustainable development!

Faced with these challenges, companies operating in today’s society of information and communications, have no choice but to innovate, take action and continually develop!

Research and Development, Products, Communications, Pricing, Supply Chain, Sales, Technology, Marketing… companies must therefore constantly evolve, adapting their organisation and teams, so as to meet these challenges.


Beyond the so-called ‘technical’ skills, the Business Developer, Key Account Manager, Regional Director, E-commerce Manager or even the Sales Director, must today be able to design their strategy, to develop their business offer, to develop a strong relationship with their customers, to convey rigour and energy, to give meaning to management and to adapt to a vast stream of information on a daily basis in order to extract the appropriate priorities from it.

Therefore, this highly focused, rigorous, reactive, agile employee is what all companies are looking for today, as they know that the success of their business depends on the right balance between methods and people. Those companies that have not grasped this principle should think very carefully about their future!

We are convinced that recruiting the very best people is more important than ever, which is why, every day, we strive to source, appraise and select the talent of tomorrow.

Business people working in modern white office


Our experienced consultants come from a variety of business sectors where they have held operational senior management positions within national and international Groups.

With comprehensive knowledge of the different professions, expert understanding of the business environment, and experience in the fundamentals of the profession, our team of consultants offers advice to both major Groups and SMEs in all sectors of activity: Food Industry, FMCG, Energy, Specialist Retailing, Commerce, IT, Telecoms, E-business, etc.

We provide them with valuable assistance in 3 main areas.


Sales positions: Sales Director, Sales Manager, Wholesale Director, Export Director, Network Director, Key Account Manager, Regional Director, Sales Engineer, Technical Sales Representative, Store Manager, Concession Manager, Sales Administration Manager, Business Developer

Marketing positions: Marketing Director, Group Manager, Product Manager, E-commerce Manager, Merchandising Manager, Visual Merchandising Manager, Operational Marketing Manager, Traffic Manager, Marketing Research Manager, Data Analyst, Acquisition Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Assistant, Visual Identity Manager


Business organisation and re-engineering: Changing a company’s structure, introducing a project-based approach within the management committee and operational teams, corporate vision

Coaching: Team management, 180° and middle management coaching, etc.

Réunion chargée de recherches


Recruitment: Developing and managing your recruitment processes, structuring your interviews, using assessment tests, etc. to attract and retain the best talent

Behavioural Styles: How to succeed in selling, managing or simply communicating by mastering behavioural analysis techniques

Management: Acquiring the fundamentals of management or improving management techniques

All our modules are tailor-made, contact us to discuss your projects.


In addition to the various interviews and role-playing exercises, our consultants use a range of tools to assess a candidate’s abilities and soft skills. Our assessment platform provides our clients with 4 main types of tests: cognitive, personality, skills and linguistic.

Impactup has chosen to use only those models that have proven to be scientifically sound and that have been widely adopted for many years.

Les tests de compétences

Given our agency’s positioning, naturally we use a very focused approach for candidates with sales and management profiles.

Sales Profile-R: this assesses the business potential, skills and motivation to succeed in the field of sales. Based on real-life scenarios, this test focuses on 4 main themes.

Hunter skills: Prospection, Customer Contact, Go-getter
Farmer skills: Relationships/Networks, Strategic Sales, Customer Satisfaction
Negotiation skills: Understanding needs, Sales Pitch, Closing Transactions
Sales skills: Sales game, Assertiveness, Self-control

CTPI-R: this is a support and decision-making tool that evaluates the managerial potential, behavioural skills and leadership skills of Managers and CEOs.

Due to the dimensions assessed, this test is particularly appropriate for evaluating individuals with managerial functions.

Personality tests and other projective tests

In the models below, the focus is not only on a candidate’s competencies and qualifications, but also on their abilities and personality.

Big Five Profile (BF5): this model identifies the main patterns of an individual’s personality. It is based on the Big Five theory of personality which is scientifically-recognised worldwide as a theory that measures what many psychologists consider to be the five main personality traits.

Professional Profile 2®: this is a personality test used to analyse the preferences, motivations and values of an individual at work.
It covers values, motivations and personality traits, thereby enabling recruiters, HR professionals and psychologists to accurately assess the compatibility of a candidate with a specific job position.

Verbal, numerical and cognitive aptitude tests

French Language Test – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: this test evaluates the level of written French of both French-speaking and non-French-speaking candidates and employees. It assesses their knowledge of spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

Reasoning Test-R: this test assesses three dimensions (verbal communications, logical thinking and numerical analysis) of the cognitive abilities required to excel in complex tasks involving advanced reasoning.

General Knowledge Test (2020): this test identifies and assesses a candidate’s level of general knowledge across 6 main themes: Economics, History and Politics, Arts and Culture, Current Affairs, Geography and Civilisation, and French Language. Langue Française.

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